5 October 2021

Invitation To Tender: Ethnic Inequalities in Mental Health: A policy review of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme

The IAPT programme was launched in 2008 and has led to a significant increase in access to psychological therapies. The methodology of the programme is based around providing evidence-based psychological therapies to those who need it, monitoring the outcomes closely, and providing close support for practitioners. Even so, evidence suggests there are ethnic inequalities in outcomes for those who use IAPT services.

The purpose of this policy review is to help develop understanding of where and why inequalities exist in both referral to IAPT and outcomes for those who receive treatment through IAPT. In addition, the review should help us gain a better understanding of how Black and minority ethnic people experience IAPT pathways. The review should also consider what can be done with these new insights including, for example, how the NHS might better embed the existing IAPT Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Positive Practice Guide.

We welcome submissions from all interested organisations. Tender submissions should be made by no later than midday on Monday 25th October. More information, including detailed specifications and scoring criteria, can be found in the Invitation to TenderĀ  PDF document.