19 October 2021

Invitation to Tender: Mapping of existing policy interventions to tackle ethnic health inequalities in maternity and neonatal health

Through stakeholder and community engagement, the Observatory plans to identify new areas of research and practice to focus on over its first three years of operation.

We know that there are already interventions in the design and implementation phase that will impact on the overall policy landscape, though our engagement suggests that these interventions are not always widely known about or effectively spread through the system. Our initial priority therefore is to produce a structured map of all activities that aim, explicitly or indirectly, to reduce ethnic health inequalities in maternal and neonatal health.

The Observatory is therefore looking to commission an organisation, or academic team, to assess the breadth and depth of ongoing work in the maternal and neonatal health space, particularly as it relates to ethnic health inequalities.

More information can be found in the Invitation to Tender PDF document here.