24 May 2021

Invitation to Tender: rapid evidence review on ethnic inequalities in health and care

This invitation to tender is open until 11th June 2021.

The NHS Race and Health Observatory is seeking an organisation or academic team to conduct a rapid evidence review to draw together literature on the main priorities of the NHS Race and Health Observatory and to:

  • critically appraise that evidence
  • synthesise and summarise what that evidence indicates
  • provide high level conclusions on where gaps exist in the evidence
  • provide a clear set of recommendations for where the Observatory could usefully
  • focus its initial efforts over a one to three-year period, including a justification of why.

We are looking for an organisation, academic team, or consultant with experience of working on ethnic health inequality in the UK health and care context, and with an established familiarity with the literature in this area.For more information on how to apply, please see this PDF document.

About the Observatory

The NHS Race and Health Observatory is a new, independent organisation, set up to explore ethnic inequalities in access to healthcare, experiences of healthcare, health outcomes, and inequalities experienced by black and minority ethnic members of the health and care workforce. In doing so, it assesses aspirations in these areas as outlined in national healthcare policy, including those set-out in the NHS Long Term Plan. It is a proactive investigator, providing strong recommendations that inform policymaking and facilitate change. It is evidence-driven and solution-focused.

The Observatory is supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement, and hosted by NHS Confederation, but its board and team are independent, and we dictate our own direction and areas of focus. The Observatory has three main functions:

  • facilitating new, high-quality, and innovative research and evidence
  • making strategic policy recommendations for change
  • facilitating the practical implementation of those recommendations.