8 November 2021

Invitation To Tender: Review of NHS managed national patient and public mobile applications (apps)

The Observatory is committed to commissioning high quality and impactful research into how new digital innovations are impacting ethnic health inequalities. The NHS long term plan makes a commitment to a more concerted and systematic approach to reducing health inequalities and addressing unwarranted variation in care. One of the key enablers identified in the plan is digital tools. These will be a way to empower people and transform the way people receive and engage with health care services.

The Observatory is looking to commission research into three key NHS apps: the NHS Blood and Transplant’s Give Blood app, the core NHS app and the NHS COVID-19 app. The research should engage in a mixed method approach to gain a better understanding of potential ethnic disparities in how people use these NHS apps. If there are disparities, the research should seek to identify why these disparities exist and give recommendations on how to mitigate against these disparities in current and future apps.

More information can be found in the Invitation to Tender PDF document here.