13 March 2023

NHS Race and Health Observatory – Creation of an implementation strategy and model

The NHS Race and Health Observatory (‘the Observatory’) is an independent organisation, hosted by NHS Confederation, which seeks to close the gap on racial and ethnic inequalities facing Black, Asian and ethnic minority patients, communities and the healthcare workforce.

Our work is grounded in an understanding of structural racism and seeks to:

  • Facilitate new, high-quality, and innovative research and evidence
  • Make evidence-based strategic policy recommendations for change
  • Support practical implementation and improvement

The Observatory has, to date, largely focused on the first two functions within its above operating model. However, there is now a greater focus on the third function –  of supporting the practical implementation of recommendations across health and care.

In order to take the development of this area of focus forward, the Observatory has decided to procure external expertise from a suitable agency or individual. This specification is for the appointment of an experienced specialist that is able to support the Observatory in developing an anti-racist implementation strategy and model to strengthen the third phase of its operation model.

The aim of this work is to develop an implementation strategy and model that allows the Observatory to support the practical realisation of its recommendations. We are looking to appoint an organisation or individual, with significant experience in this field, to work with us in developing such a model.

We welcome submissions from all interested organisations. Tender submissions should be made by Sunday, 2 April 2023.

More information can be found in the Invitation to Tender PDF document here