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16 March 2023

Get help to stop smoking this Ramadan

This Ramadan, the NHS Race and Health Observatory and British Islamic Medical Association have developed a new infographic to encourage smokers to use the Islamic holy month to seek support and quit smoking.

Fasting is an ideal time to seek help, reduce and finally stop smoking cigarettes and taking associated chewing stimulants such as khat, betel quid and paan. Instead, users of these substances are encouraged to reach out and access free support from NHS Stop Smoking Services.

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9 February 2023

10 steps hospitals can take to tackle ethnic inequalities in waiting lists

Across England, hospital activity continues to be seriously impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with large falls in routine care resulting in millions of patients now subject to vast backlogs. Our data analysis shows people from Asian groups faced larger falls in planned hospital care – both before and during the pandemic – than people from White, Black or Mixed ethnic groups.

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31 January 2023

Sickle cell digital discovery report: Designing better acute painful sickle cell care

Last year, the independent NHS Race and Health Observatory commissioned consultancy, Public Digital, to undertake a ‘digital discovery’ project to explore the lived experience of people undergoing acute emergency hospital admissions for sickle cell and managing crisis episodes at home.

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6 January 2023

New report hails potential of digital apps in tackling health inequalities

The NHS Race and Health Observatory commissioned TPXimpact to undertake research on the use of digital applications across the NHS healthcare system from January to June 2022. This report reviews how information gleaned from users of online health tools is used by health providers to analyse and improve patient health.

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8 December 2022

New research identifies gaps in ethnicity research in maternal care

A new report from the NHS Race and Health Observatory, the University of Liverpool, and University of Warwick has found few maternal policies developed by hospital trusts and other providers have a focus on addressing ethnic health inequalities across maternity care.

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25 November 2022

REACH-OUT: Caring for the healthcare workforce post-COVID-19

In 2021, the NHS Race and Health Observatory partnered with the United Kingdom Research Study into Ethnicity and COVID-19 Outcomes in Healthcare Workers (UK-REACH), to undertake a longitudinal study looking at the impacts of long-COVID on the physical and mental health of healthcare workers, and the broader impacts to their working, social and family lives.

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3 November 2022

The elective care backlog and ethnicity

This report, produced jointly by the NHS Race and Health Observatory and the Nuffield Trust, provides the most detailed statistical analysis of the English hospital care backlog to date. It looks at variation in treatment rates for routine hospital care both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, across five main ethnic groups and by socioeconomic group and geography.

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22 September 2022

Policy Briefing: The Ockenden review

This briefing examines the Ockenden review through the lens of race equality and makes recommendations for best practice in the future.

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7 July 2022

Making A Difference: A Review of the NHS Race and Health Observatory’s First Year

This review looks back on the Observatory's first year in operation, highlighting the progress the organisation has made in that short time, and the impact it has already begun to have on the ethnic health inequality in the UK. As well as outlining areas of significant change, the review also looks forward, towards the work of the next few years, and the opportunities that await.

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14 February 2022

Ethnic Inequalities in Healthcare: A Rapid Evidence Review

The Observatory has published its much anticipated rapid review into ethnic health inequalities across a vast range of areas including key priorities set by the independent health body. Ethnic inequalities in access to, experiences of, and outcomes of healthcare are longstanding problems in the NHS, and are rooted in experiences of structural, institutional and interpersonal racism. 

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21 January 2022

NHS Race & Health Observatory Consultation Response – Core20PLUS5

The Race & Health Observatory welcomes the new Core20PLUS5 initiative. It is vital that embedding equity becomes an inherent and non-negotiable part of the service that the NHS provides. We know that, so far, the NHS has not succeded in its mission to provide equal care. It is our belief that, effectively implemented, this programme could be a major step towards achieving that.

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1 December 2021

Supporting named leads for health inequalities on NHS boards

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing reliance in the NHS on the ‘named lead’ - a policy exercise whereby an individual, usually at board level, is nominated to lead on a priority area of work. The theory is that making an individual responsible for change will create a sense of more focused attention and provide committed leadership.

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