8 March 2021

Maximising uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine for Black and minority ethnic people

The Observatory has developed an infographic for local community and healthcare leaders to review new & diverse ways of improving vaccine uptake amongst Black and minority ethnic communities.

The NHS Race and Health Observatory has called on local community and healthcare leaders to review diverse ways of improving vaccine uptake amongst Black and minority ethnic communities. 

As a prompt, the Observatory has developed a new designed to provide advice in a simple and accessible format. 

Snap-shot infographics, whilst not decision-making tools, can also serve as useful summaries for employers to adapt as required locally and promote in communal staffing areas. 

The one-page guide outlines key coronavirus advice and recommendations to support uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine. It was created following early Government reports, issued last year, analysed by the Observatory’s Covid-19 working group. 

The infographic will be distributed to a number of healthcare providers including hospital trusts, community health providers, primary care networks, voluntary sector organisations and Clinical Commissioning Groups, via NHS Confederation. It will also be distributed to local Black and minority ethnic community groups. 

The infographic addresses: 

  •          The number of participants in vaccine trials from diverse backgrounds
  •          Identification of vaccine barriers and potential solutions
  •          Advice on consistent and culturally sensitive messaging
  •          Access and appropriate local venues for maximum vaccine delivery
  •          The importance of real-time data on vaccine uptake by ethnicity

It also addresses the lack of evidence suggesting any of the UK approved vaccines perform differently, based on ethnicity. 

“Visual infographic aids are particularly useful for support, facility and volunteer staff who might not have access to their organisations’ IT systems, internal intranets, staff briefings and webinars”, said NHS Race and Health Observatory director, Dr Habib Naqvi.  

He added: “Resources need to be designed, developed, and communicated in accessible ways so that they are meaningful to staff working across all levels of health and social care, local community and voluntary organisations.”