Learning and Action Network (LAN)

The NHS Race & Health Observatory has partnered with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and the Health Foundation (HF) to deliver a Learning and Action Network which aims to tackle and close the gap seen in maternal mortality and morbidity between women from different ethnic backgrounds.

The LAN will use Quality Improvement to drive clinical transformation and enable system-wide change. NHS RHO, IHI and an Advisory Group made up of experts in maternal health, to improve the outcomes for maternal health through participation of an action oriented, fast-paced Learning and Action Network. 

Learning and Action Networks are not time-limited and continue until the problem of focus has been solved. The partnership of NHS RHO and IHI serves as an incubator for the Learning and Action Network to establish the network. In this ‘incubator’ stage, NHS RHO and IHI will work to establish core components including: 

1) Aligning around a common goal; 

2) Supporting a community of patients, families, clinicians, researchers, and leaders to work together to prioritise and advance a portfolio of data-driven improvements;  

3) Using an online portal to enable data sharing to drive learning, priority setting, research, innovation, and improvement.  

4) Creating a collaborative learning system where resources, research, local/international best practices, data, and knowledge is rapidly shared;  

5) Using improvement science to change systems and achieve results at scale; and  

6) Providing the infrastructure and governance systems to support multi-organisational collaboration. 

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Information pack 


Recruitment for this Learning and Action Network has now closed. The programme is due to launch in January 2024.