Effectively tackling race inequalities in health and social care

The NHS Race & Health Observatory works to identify and tackle ethnic inequalities in health and care by facilitating research, making health policy recommendations and enabling long-term transformational change.


PODCAST: Health inequalities associated with race

Listen in to Professor Habib Naqvi, Chief Executive of the NHS Race and Health Observatory and Dr Rohan Mehra, Royal College of Physicians clinical education fellow, (Infectious diseases/microbiology SPR).

Manifesto for Race and Health: Seven Priorities For A New Government


As the UK prepares for a pivotal general election on 4 July, the NHS Race and Health Observatory has unveiled its manifesto proposal for the next government.

Evaluation of the NHS Race and Health Observatory /Institute for Healthcare Improvement Maternal and Neonatal Learning and Action Network Programme


In January 2024, the NHS Race and Health Observatory launched a landmark pilot Learning and Action Network (LAN) to address stark disparities in maternal, perinatal and neonatal health outcomes.

Sickle Cell Digital Discovery Report: Designing Better Acute Painful Sickle Cell Care


This report sets out to understand the broad availability of digital products and services that currently exist. The report explores the range of technology that is in place for Accident and Emergency clinicians, red-cell specialists, and ambulance care, to aid timely support to sufferers on their emergency hospital arrival.

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The Elective Care Backlog and Ethnicity


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a large fall in hospital activity such as consultations, scans, tests and operations across England leading to a huge backlog in routine hospital care with an estimated seven million patients waiting to begin hospital treatment. The report outlines how people from Asian groups, in particular, experienced a much larger fall in planned hospital care during the pandemic than people from White, Black or Mixed ethnic groups.

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REACH-OUT: Caring for the Healthcare Workforce Post-COVID-19


This report, produced in partnership with the University of Leicester, the University of Nottingham, and UCL, presents the first six-monthly update on the REACH-OUT programme, outlining the rationale and methodology that will drive the work. 

Statement in response to the Child Death Review Data from the National Child Mortality Database for 2023


Responding to the latest National Child Mortality Database figures published on 9 November, Dr Habib Naqvi, CEO of the NHS Race and Health Observatory said:

New report reveals solutions to stark exclusion of ethnic minority communities in genetic research


Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities are poorly represented in genetic medicine research and artificial intelligence-based risk prediction tools used to calculate the chance of developing future disease.

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