The NHS Race & Health Observatory works to identify and tackle ethnic inequalities in health and care by facilitating research, making health policy recommendations and enabling long-term transformational change.


Improving health and care

We are committed to focussing on areas in health and care that have long shown ethnic inequalities in access, experience or outcomes – working to reshape policy and practice so that they support fair health and care for all, from neonatal health to end of life care.

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Empowering Vulnerable Communities

The most vulnerable in society are often those who experience the cumulative impact of health inequalities. Our work to identify and tackle ethnic health inequalities recognises the complexity of the social determinants of health as well as the resulting effect that can have on individual personal choices.

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Innovating for all

Digital technology has great potential to improve how the health and care sectors deliver their services in a modern way; providing faster, safer and more convenient care. It is essential that new and innovative approaches, technologies and data collection structures are designed to help reduce ethnic health inequalities.

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Creating equitable environments

We are committed to rebuilding and supporting health and care systems, change levers and management leadership behaviours – to tackle ethnic health inequalities and promote quality of care, safety, compassion and a fairer experience for patients, NHS staff and diverse communities alike.

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Collaborating globally

We work both nationally and internationally, connecting with organisations and key stakeholders from across the country and around the world. We are committed to the sharing of innovative research, practice, and learning between communities and across borders.

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21 January 2023 -

Reflections on the Joint Committee’s report on the Draft Mental Health Bill 2022

Reflections on the Joint Committee’s report on the Draft Mental Health Bill 2022 from Steve Gilbert and Professor J S Bamrah, co-chairs of the Observatory’s Mental Health Working Group.

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11 January 2023 - Blogs

My ambition is to see patients’ voices at the heart of the design and delivery of healthcare

As the Patient Safety Commissioner, my role is to champion the voice of patients and my goal is that every patient will feel that their voice and views matter – and that means all patients.

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6 January 2023 -

New report hails potential of digital apps in tackling health inequalities

Analysis of NHS data has found a lack of co-ordination is limiting insight into how online healthcare services and apps are used by ethnicity and to tackle health inequalities.

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