Our Priorities

Our Priorities  

Over our first three years, we will work across five core workstreams. These areas were identified through extensive stakeholder engagement and, though they represent our initial areas of focus, we recognise that they do not represent the full range of ethnic and racial inequality in healthcare. We have ensured that our strategy allows us to remain flexible and responsive to emerging needs, and we are committed to speaking to experts and listening to our stakeholders throughout this time.


  1. Improving Health and CareUnder this workstream, we will focus on areas in health and care that have long shown ethnic inequalities in access, experience, or outcomes – working to reshape policy and practice so that they support fair health and care for all.
  2. Empowering Vulnerable CommunitiesUnder this workstream, we will aim to remain responsive to emerging ethnic health inequalities and seek to raise the profile of issues that are not commonly advocated for or well-funded.
  3. Innovating for allUnder this workstream, we look at the development and deployment of digital tools – such as video consultations, health monitoring apps, and workforce management systems – and help gather evidence on how they can be used equitably.
  4. Creating Equitable Environments – We are committed to rebuilding and supporting health and care systems, change levers and management leadership behaviours – to tackle ethnic health inequalities and promote quality of care, safety, compassion and a fairer experience for patients, NHS staff and diverse communities alike.
  5. Collaborating globally We work both nationally and internationally, connecting with organisations and key stakeholders from across the country and around the world. We are committed to the sharing of innovative research, practice, and learning between communities and across borders.

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A short introduction to the NHS Race and Health Observatory, and how we tackle race and health inequality for minority communities across the healthcare system.

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