Collaborating globally

The health and care landscape is not a collection of faceless institutions, but rather a network of millions of people – workers, patients, members of the public – interacting in countless ways every day. It would be futile to attempt to achieve our mission in isolation, only speaking with a limited pool of experts in closed rooms. We are therefore committed to engaging as broadly and deeply as we can across all the above workstreams.  

We engage with stakeholders and community groups wherever we commission research or initiate programmes of work, and we will offer our support in return to the organisations and individuals who give up their time to help us. This ongoing consultation will range from the types of projects we fund, to the kind of language we use as an organisation.  

We also acknowledge that ethnic health inequalities are persistent globally, and there are significant opportunities for collaboration across borders. We want to be transparent with the work we do, sharing our evidence freely and, through effective collaboration, make the most of international expertise to improve equality in health and care in our own system.  

As part of this workstream, we: 

  • Work with a diverse stakeholder engagement group, with broad representation that takes account not only of ethnicity, but also other intersectional issues faced by people in this country.  
  • Take a systemic approach to engagement, ensuring that systemic primacy, diversity of experience, independence, transparency, and reliance on evidence are always at the centre of the work we do.  
  • Collaborate globally, inviting experts from across the globe to collaborate on innovative solutions to shared challenges in the field of race inequality in health and care.  

We will achieve our goals in this workstream with the aid of our International Experts Group and Our Partnerships.