Communities urged to get jabbed this New Year

Dr Habib Naqvi, Director of the NHS Race and Health Observatory

“We are now experiencing the highest rates of COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began, but there still remains lingering doubt about vaccines and boosters amongst some of our Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, especially those from Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities.

“We urge all those who have yet to receive their jabs to speak with healthcare professionals who understand the science, the data and how effective vaccines actually are. Having full facts is vital in making an informed decision on vaccine uptake.

“We know that two doses of the vaccine are not enough against the Omicron variant. That’s why it’s really important that people come forward to get their booster jabs, as well as their first and second dose of the vaccine, if they’re not yet vaccinated. Prevention is always better than cure.

“Deciding to get a vaccine or booster today is probably the best start to the New Year that our Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities can give to themselves, their family, friends and colleagues.”