Manifesto for Race and Health: Seven Priorities For A New Government

As the UK prepares for a pivotal general election on 4 July, the NHS Race and Health Observatory has today unveiled its manifesto proposal for the next government.  It  calls for unification of efforts towards eradicating racial and ethnic health disparities in the nation’s healthcare system.

Backed by years of thorough research and community collaboration, the manifesto lays out seven core transformative commitments that are imperative for any future government in addressing persistent ethnic and racial inequalities for patients, communities and the healthcare workforce.

Professor Habib Naqvi, Chief Executive of the NHS Race and Health Observatory, said: “The Prime Minister has now confirmed that the UK will hold a general election on 4 July. We have identified seven clear commitments and priorities for the next government to build an equitable healthcare system that is more efficient, productive, inclusive, and costs the taxpayer less.”

“Adopting and implementing these priorities will help the next administration to finally deliver on the NHS’ promise to meet people where they are and provide the best quality healthcare to all.”

The seven-point manifesto highlights:

  1. Prioritising maternal and neonatal health equity to reduce preventable related deaths
  2. Accelerating mental health equity of access, experience and outcomes through reforms, including proceeding at pace with reform of the Mental Health Act
  3. Empowering leadership and enhancing accountability for equity among patients and workforce
  4. Ensuring meaningful community-centric engagement in policy development
  5. Integrating co-benefits of health equity and wellbeing into policy advocacy
  6. Strengthening evidence-informed approaches by prioritising inclusivity in data
  7. Position the UK as a global leader on health equity research, innovation and impact

With the nation at political crossroads in the run up to the general election, the NHS Race and Health Observatory is urging policymakers to heed the call for the pursuit of health equity for all. The Observatory is dedicated to advancing racial equity in the healthcare system through bringing together insight, advocating policy change, and supporting implementation. By addressing systemic disparities and amplifying marginalised voices, the Observatory strives to create a more equitable healthcare system for all.

Download the report below