Statement in response to the latest British Social Attitudes survey

Responding to the latest British Social Attitudes survey,  Professor, Dr Habib Naqvi, chief executive, NHS Race and Health Observatory, said:

“Results from the latest British Social Attitudes survey highlight the lowest levels of public dissatisfaction with the NHS.  It is disheartening that only 24% of people said they were satisfied with the NHS. There is a risk that these figures can add additional pressure to an already stretched workforce that is feeling the impact of burnout, fatigue and experiences of discrimination.

“There is also a clear need for NHS colleagues, committed in their vocation to caring for members of the public, to receive the support they need from compassionate workplaces that prioritise their mental health and well-being and commit to tackling the existing health inequalities already present in the workforce.

“We urge that colleagues have ongoing access to mental health support, networks and well-being hubs so they can continue to perform their duties, for the benefit of the public.”