Promoting effective and respectful communication with ethnic minority women and pregnant people



The scope of this work is to provide insights that will help to promote effective and respectful communication with ethnic minority women and pregnant people. The work will add new insights to already existing research. The work should focus on identifying barriers to culturally competent communication between maternal and neonatal services and ethnic minority women and pregnant people.  

This will include looking at: 

  • what is being done that is working, or has worked, on a small (local) or large (national) scale.  
  • examples of effective interventions, strategies, and approaches (should include  
  • examples that have been published and evaluated and those that haven’t).  
  • what has not worked; what were the barriers and any lessons learnt.  

The work will synthesise findings and identify what is missing in previous research, what can be done differently and look at new innovative approaches of both communicating with ethnic minority women and pregnant people, and also ways of empowering them to advocate for themselves. The work will go beyond reviewing current literature, but also explore transferable approaches that have been used elsewhere.